What We Value


Short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Did you know that the number of STEM jobs is projected to grow over twice as fast as non-STEM jobs in the next 10 years? At Dove, we prepare our students for the world of tomorrow. Our STEM-focused curriculum brings our students one step closer to becoming the leaders and pioneers of the future, STEM-dominated world!

College & Career Readiness

College readiness at Dove doesn't start in high school, but it starts from the moment our students enter the classroom. We have embraced a PreK-16 educational model where we believe that it is our duty to enrich our students from their first day of school to the day they embark on a fulfilling career. This is the vision that drives the Dove community: College ready, career ready, life ready!

Character Education

Education at Dove isn't simply on paper. We are committed to raising free-thinking individuals who value integrity, show respect, and are responsible citizens and leaders in their communities. Our efforts of implementing character-oriented education haven't gone unrecognized. Dove is proud to house one of the fifty National Schools of Character across the United States!

High Expectations

At Dove, we believe that every student has the potential to succeed if given the educational opportunities, tools, and encouragement that they need in a safe, caring, and collaborative learning environment. We set high expectations for all of our students, and provide them with the care, motivation, and resources that they need to realize their potential of success.